One of many convenient kamasutra sexual ranks, this lady depends on the girl back together base from the air

One of many convenient kamasutra sexual ranks, this lady depends on the girl back together base from the air

This lady base needs to be on edge of brand new sleep and her feet should be entered. The man stands up against this lady and you can keeps to her legs when you find yourself the guy penetrates her.

64. The brand new Ape

The guy lies on his as well as will bring their legs upwards to help you their chest. The girl sits down on the girl mate up against regarding your as he sleeps his legs on her behalf back and permeates her. The girl spends the girl legs to harmony and manage this new activity.

65. The latest Reclining Lotus

This status needs a lot of liberty regarding the woman, which lies on her right back with her base entered.

66. Wide-opened

The woman lies on her right back which have a pillow lower than this lady direct. The man kneels ranging from the woman ft and you will slides their feet lower than the woman back again to improve her pelvis as he goes into this lady.

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67. New Peg

The guy lies on his right back along with his legs stretched-out and parted. The lady lies on top from him along with her base signed and you can stretched-out.

This is an excellent sex reputation having well-endowed partners since the the person cant infiltrate too profoundly, given that womans feet are closed. Also perfect for closeness because you are face to face.

68. Indrani

The girl lies on her back having a cushion below her head. She draws the girl knees around the woman chest while the boy glides ranging from the girl feet. The lady have this lady automatically to get the person into the the girl and you may manage penetration.

69. Frozen Congress

The guy leans facing a wall surface while training the lady from a floor and you will supporting this lady together with hand under the girl bottom. The girl can grip the new mans hips along with her thighs.

70. The fresh new Frozen Scissors

Their lies right on the boundary of the bed having simply this lady ft pressing new mattress to own assistance. She up coming stability on the ground along with her kept arm. The person stands astride their kept leg and you can raises the lady proper leg together with his hand.

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71. The fresh new Propeller

This package without a doubt wont-work for everyone. In reality it will simply really works in case your child is extremely well-endowed.

Their lays apartment for her right back together with her foot signed. The guy depends on most useful regarding this lady up against the opposite guidelines. Immediately following within her they can reduced circulate their hips in the a good rounded activity.

72. The latest Susceptible Tiger

The guy is on bed along with his feet stretched out facing him. This lady lies for her side, parts the lady feet and you may slow backs with the him, lowering by herself on to their dick. New womans foot are stretched-out behind the guy.

73. The Crisscross

Her lays on her behalf front up against off the boy with her foot a little parted. The person and lays for the their front side, but on a right position on woman, and you may glides between the lady base to go into the girl.

74. This new Sexual V

Her lies on the side of a desk together with guy stands facing their. The girl has to elevator their feet up and you will others the rear of this lady knee joints toward mans arms. She can and wrap this lady hands as much as his neck to have help, while he is grip their bottom to help manage brand new motion.

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